Podium in Dutch Super Car.

mardi 10 juin 2014, written by Kendy Janclaes

Unusual race for DKR Sunday at Spa. Indeed, while nothing planned a weekend of racing, the team phone rang team Saturday late afternoon. It was the Dutch team Dayvtec who wanted a car to replace their Super GT damaged on Saturday in qualifying. Obviously we could not refuse this new challenge and we went on Sunday morning at Spa to make the set up of the car with Pirelli tires of a size and composition unknown to the BMW.
Then we had to explain to the young driver K.Snoeks all the possibilities of the BMW. He has to digest all these information in one time.
Because what was really unusual for the team and the driver is that we have not got a single round of preparation. We go directly to the grid, and then it was gone for an hour of racing.
Result: We left the 12th, he got in his car in qualifying on Saturday, ... and we finished the race in second position. Result of preparation, a pit stop and driver without error.

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